Posted by: selfcenteredcyclist | June 9, 2009

Bike fully loaded

The Dawes mobile is ready for a battering.  Got two panniers and a dry bag only for the duration of the trip.  Bike has been given a service and good overall going over (Cheers Neil!). Doesn’t feel too heavy on a test run still when I am only carrying a spade and two rolls of toilet paper it isn’t going to, is it? What else does a man need?

It’s just me, my spade and toilet rolls. The saying goes travel light travel far, maybe I could travel to the Moon?



  1. Wasn’t sure what would come up when I searched “10inchessoft” only Maz could come up with that!

    2 bog rolls, rusty spade and a somerfield bag! you won’t need anything else!

    Good Luck and i’ll be checking for up dates!!

    Peace out! WOR

  2. aight!

  3. Skem library changed my life! The cellar of dreams and ginger hips. Good luck la!!

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