Posted by: selfcenteredcyclist | July 5, 2009

Berlin and the 4th of July

Gots all the way to Berlin using my trusty steed. Don’t have the time to update the blog often which is a shame. It is a lesson in human survival but a really good adventure. Wild camping in half finished houses, getting a dutch lesson from a chinese man, shaving off the barnett from Piet in Amersfoort, drinking lots of decent beer, cycling through Hannover with Aril Brikha Deeparture in Time – the DET never sounded so good, celebrating 4th of July having a campout with Americans and there have been lots of serendipity moments where it seems like I am taking the right way.

Berlin is just a city where even the mums and dads are alternative. Alternative everywhere. There are white families and they have all got dreadlocks, that’s the kind of place it is. Art Mecca. I was staying in a campsite that used to be an old open air swimming pool complex, they simply emptied the pool and rubbed off the swimming pool sign and put Tent Station. If you from Berlin you would take a vibrator and put a dummy on the top to turn it into a baby water bottle. Re-use. Re-hash. Re-claim.

Onwards to Poland. #Insert sound of hooves here#


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