Posted by: selfcenteredcyclist | July 17, 2009

John Jensen and the curly wig

Was cycling through Marijenpole, on the way to Kaunas last night and saw many people moving towards the same direction. Decided to follow the herd and ended up in a European cup game between FC Suduva and Randers FC. Randers FC are managed by John Jensen, the man who had never scored for Arsenal before that goal.

He looked slightly fatter, lost the curly buffon but the face was still there. I feel slightly lost sometimes here, the changes in language and money mean I got to hard reset all that I have learned. Start all over again as I cross each border. Camped by a lake last night in Marijempole, was pretty open the spot where I camped. Woke up in the morning, to find two mosquitoes somehow in my sealed inner tent, shit! One was filled with blood. What is the reason for a mosquitoe to suck blood? Is it to feed? Does it take it somewhere else? These are the kind of questions I ponder to myself as I cycle along. Joiner needs to be here, to shoot me down from my pretentious fuckwit cloud. BAAANG! Super. Great. Smashing.


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