Posted by: selfcenteredcyclist | July 26, 2009

This house is an experiment…

Arriving in Talinn capital of Estonia, I decided to buy my host Erko a bottle of Baileys as a welcoming present. This was my second time using couchsurfing, a free hosting accommodation community that is becoming increasingly popular. Following the directions to the house, I thought of Erko being a family man he would welcome me to his house and let me meet his family. Seeing the house for the first time, it looked like a squat. Very open and anarchist like, windows open and covered in art. A sign welcomed me “Look around the corner”, cautious and with trepidation I stepped off the bicycle.

The house had a cafe inside and the door was open. Walking through to the kitchen, there were many people inside it had the feel of a hostel. I asked “Is Erko here?”, a man washing up looked at me “Who?” so rewind and repeat “Is Erko here?” “Aaah, Errrrrrrrko” I forgot to accentuate the r sound. Loosen your tongue young man. Showing me to a dining area, I found out I had just missed tea. Indian curry and chai. Greetings and welcomes were made, I was introduced to many people their names flashing up like a road sign than passing by as if I was driving 100 mph. How do people remember the names of all the people they meet? Is it only through getting to know someone and building a picture of what that person is like can you get to associate their name with their person.

Someone wants to use the internet here . So must dash. Anyways this house is jokingly called a communist experiment. People are free to come and go as they choose, people help out, you can donate money to pay for food/drink and all nationalities are here. I shared an attic with 10 people, all mattresses on the floor for two days.

I have decided to cross the border to Pstov in the south of Estonia then cycle to St Petersburg, met a bald english guy here called Jimmy the shaman of russian travel full of useful info. The russian countryside will blow the imagination like an Rhythm and Sound b-line.


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