Posted by: selfcenteredcyclist | September 9, 2009

Everything has been figured out, except how to live.

What a pretentious twat he is. Put down the world Atlas and relax!

First i will take this hair, grown from a petri dish in California under the watchful guise of well known metrosexual hair transplant surgeon Dr Muff Tache.

DSC05003 []

After tattooing the patients head, I can work out the density of hair needed to cover the surface area.

DSC05002 [copy]

The concentration required to get the balance of hair application right is very important. The patient’s assymetrical face make it more difficult, apply with even strokes otherwise you might end up with clumps, a mullet or dreadlocks. God forbid a white man with dreads?!

DSC05000 []

I wonder why he did not choose to have ginger hair like my own? This black colour is so bland and unflattering. The shape of this hair has been set to unoriginal balding high hairline mode.

DSC04999 []

The patient cannot believe the transformation. The applicator is a truly remarkable tool,  now time to remove those shorts and I will give you some of my own.


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